Recession-Proof Philippine Jobs

Everyday we hear news of a new foreign business that is closing down in the Philippines. There are already a number of factories in the business parks in Batangas, Laguna and Cavite that closed down this year. Economists say that there will be more to come. With the hundreds of

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Sample College Student Resume For Interns

Give me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You The Most Impressive College Resume You’ll Ever Have Now is one of those times when many people are looking for a sample college student resume for them to use as a guide in making their own. Sample resumes help a lot especially

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Overseas Jobs for Filipinos

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who leave their homeland to work for overseas jobs. Filipinos choose to be separated from their families and work abroad because there is very little opportunity to have work in the Philippines. There may be a lot of job vacancies in

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