How Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Can Affect The Chances of You Getting Hired

How Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Can Affect The Chances of You Getting Hired

How Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Get You Hired Or Rejected

You probably didn’t know that what you post online can affect your chances of getting a job. What does this mean, you ask? You’re probably familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites are definitely fun and will help you interact with your friends online.

But did you know that what you can post can cause a crack on your professional side that you’ve been having a hard time to build?

Not many know that as we use our search engines to search for jobs, the employers we’ve applied to may actually be google-ing us as we speak. Some companies do this in order to do extra research on their potential employees. Of course, apart from the resume, which is always written well, they’d like another source of information about their interviewees.

What they can see can change their mind or persuade them to hire you. So, although you did great in your interview, you might not get the part because of this ‘extra background check.’

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As you can see, some Filipinos love to personalize their pages to the point that they can reveal some photographs or information that some people accidentally misinterpret. This is very common with images.

Some recruitment officers mistake harmless photos and use them to evaluate whether or not you should be a part of their team. This is also true for blogs – which may be a threshold for a person’s thoughts and ideas.

What You Can Do About This Possible Problem

So, the next time you post an online profile on one of these sites, remember to:

  1. Set your profile viewing settings so that only friends can view it.
  2. If ever you wish to make it public, you should be careful of what you type and what pictures you upload.
  3. Avoid inviting friends who you don’t know. Invite only people you know.
  4. When you post, think long term.

With these in mind, you’ll be able to control your profile in social networking sites and make sure to build up your character through them. This is because you won’t be able to control who sees your profile unless you make necessary steps. This is definitely a good tip when you’re job hunting.

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