Tips on Writing your First Resume

Tips on Writing your First Resume

The typical fresh out of college guy or gal is highly enthusiastic. They are optimistic and very much eager to experience the “real world”. They want to start working right away, to prove to themselves that they can do it and to prove to the world that they have arrived. One of the first dilemmas that they usually face is producing their first ever CVs. A Curriculum Vitae or Resume is an overview of a person’s experience and requirements qualifying him for a desired position. It is usually the first thing that employers look into to screen potential applicants.

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As a newcomer in the world of employment, these fresh graduates are a bit at a loss to what they should do. Trying to fit their resume to their desired position is a challenging task. What should they write? I don’t have experience yet! What would make my resume stand out from the rest? Here are some pieces of advise.

1. Aim for a realistic position. You just graduated from college, don’t aspire to be a CEO right away. Everyone starts from the bottom of the pyramid, its not something we should be ashamed about. Choose a position that would best put into practice the knowledge that you have accumulated over the years. In some cases, people find out too late that they want another career other than that of their major. Go ahead, don’t be afraid to take the leap. As long as you know that it is something you want to do and that you can do it well, apply.

Tips on Writing your First Resume

2. Focus on your strengths rather than experience. The employer understands that you are a fresh graduate and this will probably be your first job experience. Instead, wow and dazzle them with your strengths. Don’t just say eager, say that you are open for new things, loves learning new things everyday and are highly trainable. Elaborate your strengths and use them to your advantage. Make the employer interested to meet you.

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3. Never lie. Your resume should be a reflection of you and not of someone else. Write only true facts about yourself. Yes, it would be very impressive if you say that you are a magna cum laude, but never say you are if you are not. Never exaggerate on your skills as well, because you might pass the interview and be hired, but it will haunt you in the workplace.

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You won’t be able to perform like you said you could on your resume and your employer will know you just lied. Getting fired after your first week on your first job isn’t a good way to start your career life. Only write down what is true.

Indeed, writing your first resume will be a challenging yet interesting phase. Ten years from now when you are on top of the corporate ladder, it would be fun to look back on your starting years and smile.

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