Keeping Peace with your Co-Workers

Keeping Peace with your Co-Workers

A few months after graduating from school, it is without a doubt that soon enough you’ll be transitioning into a new environment. An environment that going to be way different from the environment you’ve lived in for years and that you have accustomed yourself to.

Work Environment vs School Environment

Work compared to school takes a much longer time. You’ll be taking your education a few years, but when it comes to work… You’ll be doing that until your retirement. And that’s what, until your late 50s or so? :p School is for studying, and during work it’s much more on the learning scale. At school you are required to study a few subjects at a time over a semester, but at work it’s more on the application of what you have already learned in school.

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Your responsibility is also much greater when you transition into the work environment. At school, you’re pretty much doing it due to the fact that your parents have told you that it’s your own effort that will ensure a good future for you; but it’s entirely different at work. You’re getting paid to do a specific job; hence you assume responsibility not only for yourself, but for the team you’re working with and the company itself. Working With People from Different Backgrounds At work, you’re going to be working with different people. There’s the hierarchy: your co-workers, the supervisors, the managers, and then the boss.

Unlike school, obviously these people are not in the same age bracket as you are;

hence, you have to make a few adjustments: the way you talk, the manner your carry yourself, etc.

You’ll be working and interacting with a new group of people; and the first time that you step into the work environment from school, you’ll probably feel culture shock.

5 Techniques on Keeping Peace at Work

a. Have an open mind – Be open to new ideas, perspectives, suggestions and critiques. Some may happen to be harsh, but always remember that these will push your further, will always make you better and stronger.

b. Try to mind your own business – If people aren’t really asking for your help whatsoever, try not to step into their work space much.

c. Keep the ‘nasties’ to yourself – It’s not always that you like everybody you work with. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep the thoughts to yourself. If you’re the type that really feels the urge to share, do share it with a personal diary.

d. Work hard and as best as you can – Not only because you’re getting paid, but be a team player and don’t let yourself be the one who’s slowing down the work progress.

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“Today may be rainy, but never let that stop the sun from shining tomorrow” – Not all days are good days. If you feel like you’ve lacked efforts on pushing today, exert 110% effort tomorrow to catch up on the bad day.

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