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About Our Company – Hired Philippines

Hired Philippines is all about jobs in the Philippines and working in the Philippines. This is where you will find news, career tips, career advice and job openings in the Philippines. Finding work and staying at your work are two things that should be in the top priority list of every Filipino especially today when life is hard and prices of basic commodities are continually rising.

I am Ghem Sanders, an HR specialist in Manila for 15 years now. During these 5 years, I notice that there are so many talented Filipinos that are not hired by the companies just because they don’t know how to market themselves either in their resume or during the interview.

I also notice that there are so many employees who are enduring long hours of work for a low-paying job when they can find a better position that can utilize their skills better.

I created this blog/website because work takes a lot of time in our lives and yet most of us here in the Philippines don’t know how to make the most of our work life and how to find and stay at satisfying jobs.

It is hard to find work in the Philippines. It is hard to keep your work in the Philippines. But it is not impossible to find a work that you love and keep that work. This is a place when we exchange our ideas on how we achieve these two right here in our country.