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Term of Service

In this page contains the policies and agreements of Hired Philippines, as well as information regarding the content and materials used for the site, such as texts, images, sounds, graphics and videos. In order to understand the policies of the site, take the time to read and understand each provision listed below. As you read these, you shall automatically adhere to the terms and conditions stated here.

Advertising of Jobs

Hired Philippines offers free job posting service. It does not require employers to pay any type of fee. Because it is only a job posting site, it does not allow advertisments other than job ads, such as product or service ads. If any of these are posted, these shall be immediately deleted by the site admin.

In relation to this, the site does not encourage companies to charge applicants for any kind of payments (placement fees, processing fees and other misc. fees). As mentioned before, we do not allow posters to advertise their products and services in the site. We do not encourage these companies to force applicants to purchase their products. If ever there are details such as fees, it should be indicated in the job ad to avoid confusion.

Regardless of the fact that Hired Philippines has an admin group, it is not possible for them to monitor every single job post. The team only reviews these as these are submitted and if these are reported. Nonetheless, the website will not be held responsible for any damages, liabilities or any other issue that may result from these job ads. Applicants should proceed with responding to these with discretion. If possible, applicants may take extra precaution by verifying any of these companies through the help of an accredited government agency.


All materials, such as images, texts, graphics, videos and so on, found in Hired Philippines belongs solely to the site and is protected by copyright law. These cannot be duplicated, copied, saved or distributed for commercial reasons unless given consent by Hired Philippines.

The materials, however, can be saved and printed for personal use provided there is consent and these are not duplicated or edited in any way. Before hyperlinking this site or reproducing materials in the website, a written permission should be obtained from Hired Philippines.

Exclusion of Liability

As mentioned, Hired Philippines will not be held responsible for any damages, loses and other similar incidents due to:

a. Being able or unable to view the contents of the job ads; or the dependability of the information contained in these.

b. Any disruption in the internet connection, system or any computer virus that may appear brought about by visiting the site.

c. Visiting the websites linked to Hired Philippines.

In addition to this, Hired Philippines will not be held liable for any breaches of agreements with other sites or groups. It only aims to provide information and offer free job posting service. It is not bound to any company or its products or services.

The links found in Hired Philippines are not for endorsement or advertisement purposes. These are only there for additional information for both employers and applicants.


As mentioned before, Hired Philippines is not responsible for any damages or whatsoever. Hired Philippines will automatically be free from demands and other similar legal actions caused by your viewing of the site. If so, there will be a breach of this agreement.