The Importance of Knowing Your Rights as a Worker

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights as a Worker

The working people are not robots. They are humans in flesh. Most of the time, companies focus more on their profit margin, earnings, and business goals. They seldom see the importance of their manpower or workers. What’s in it for the workers? Well, you must not just sit and follow whatever tasks are given to you. You must know where to place yourself and be an advocate of your own rights.

If you are a worker, here are some of the things that you need to know before experiencing any abuse from your employer.

• All the workers must be assured with a safe and healthy working condition.
• The payment of the employee must be equal to his work.
• All employees must be socially and morally protected by their employers.
• They have the right to join and form a labour union where they can negotiate their individual interests and needs.
• Workers are entitled to statutory rights.
• They must be given enough days to take off from work every week. If sick, along with a medical proof, must be approved by employers. You are not forced to work if you are weak. Moreover, every company should provide health benefits to their workers.

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There are just so many rights that you must know as a worker. Even if you are working abroad or in your own region, one of the must-haves is a labour code pamphlet or booklet. We cannot store everything in our minds, but at least you have a reference. There are no perfect employers, but there must be ardent and brave employees. Most of the time, the retention of the workers rely mainly on how they are being treated by their companies.

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On the other hand, if an employee violated one of the company policies and rules, he or she must face the consequence under a proper proceeding. The company is now authorized to punish its violating labourers accordingly for a more fair work agreement. To avoid these circumstances, a harmonious employer-employee relationship must be established even on the very first day of working together. Everybody wins and no one loses. Success is not far to attain with having the right way of thinking.

If you were able to relate yourself in the first paragraphs, grab a labour code copy now and list down the
things that you need to do. If not, then you must be extremely thankful for having a nice job.

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