Types of Difficult People You Would Have to Deal With at Work

Types of Difficult People You Would Have to Deal With at Work

Once you graduate from college and start working as a professional, you won’t be able to help it but meet new and different types of people that you would be likely to work with during your entire career. Although there are some people who you would really have fun working with, there will also some people who will never fail to put you at your wit’s end. Try to familiarize yourself with three of the most difficult people that you would meet at work to help you know how to properly deal with them.

The Power Tripper

“I want that done by tonight and submit that 50-page report to me first thing in the morning!”

This type of person likes to push people around, making sure that he gets his own way at any cost. Usually, he doesn’t care about what you have to say and does not seem to listen to anything. Although there are subtypes of this kind of person that you’re likely to work with at the office, the worst would be the type who gets his sense of self worth by trying to belittle others. If you’re not strong enough to handles this pushover, you will tend to lose your motivation and zeal for work.

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The Gossip Monger

Oh yes, this is a quite common– and rather popular type of person that you can encounter at your workplace. This person simply put loves to talk, well, about other people most of the time. This person can be considered deadly as he or she can actually inflict serious damage not only to the person they’re talking about but to the entire company as well. Although it’s not wrong to converse with your workmates once in a while, you should always see to it that you don’t do any harm to the person’s reputation and you would not affect everybody’s productivity by wasting their time trying to listen to this person’s seemingly endless chit-chat.

The Slacker

This type of person doesn’t seem to ever finish anything. They are likely to look forward to lunch breaks and going home. If ever they finish something early, all they would do is just sit around and relax instead of asking for more work. This type of person can be really difficult to work with although you should try to know first their reasons for being disinterested in their work. Some of they have problems at home that make they lose focus or in a more hopeless case, they are just a plain lazy slob by nature.

People are created uniquely, with different characters and personalities. But relating well with people is an important factor that people should always consider when it comes to the workplace. Be sure to identify these types of people in your office and know how to treat them properly and thus avoid being stressed at work.

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