I’m Down: How to motivate your Work Colleague

I'm Down: How to motivate your Work Colleaguee

It all happens to us. We all feel like the most worthless worker in the office. It’s quite normal, actually. But if you do one of your colleagues feeling miserable, do you actually step in and help? Who knows, with you helping, you and your time might actually progress and get things done a lot faster. Here are some suggestions on how to motivate a work colleague:

What’s Wrong?

If you’ve noticed your work colleague to have a bad case of the blues, you might want to ask him what’s wrong. Simply asking a question opens up a door for him – someone actually wants to listen to him or her, someone actually cares. Make sure to do listen to his or her concerns. Sometimes, all it takes is a soundboard, someone to talk to.

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You’re doing Great!

A common occurrence among new hires, sometimes simply acknowledging that they’re doing great in their work can make a difference. People often feel lost and confused at times, not knowing if they’re doing a good job or not. They go on with their routine, and wallow in their sorrows throughout the day. Perk up their thoughts and bring in a smile by noticing their accomplishments. Not only will they feel good, you’ll feel great as well. Nothing beats seeing a smile from a once-sad work colleague!

Want Some Ice Cream?

Everyone has some sort of comfort food that’ll effectively wash away the blues. A common one is ice cream. Try going on ice cream parties with your work colleagues. Not only is it a tasty an sweet activity for all, it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other as well. Have a scoop with them! Or, go for pizza parties. The great thing about this is that it can work well as a lunch-out too. Make sure to invite everyone – maybe your boss wants to join in the fun as well!

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Motivation starts with having a good work environment. And there can never be a good work environment when one of the workers feels down. Simply asking a distressed work colleague for his or her concerns will create a bridge of trust and comfort. Acknowledging each one’s potentials and accomplishments can further develop into more talents and success. And going for comfort food can not only relieve some stress, it’s a great way to unify individuals. Have some fun in the office – it’ll make each and everyone’s lives easier!

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