Work Mode: 3 Songs I Listen To

Work Mode: 3 Songs I Listen To

I’m a content writer for a small – yet talented and great – web marketing group. Being a minuscule company, work load can be pretty heavy. On bad days, it can be overwhelming. But to help me get into the groove, and start writing my thoughts into a system, I make sure to have an inspiring play-list to listen to. It’s nothing fancy, nothing too outlandish, but it helps get the work done. Let me share to you some of my choice cuts, to help you get to play some keyboard music (or whatever work you’re into!):

Light My Fire (The Doors)

Nothing beats the warped grooves of The Doors. Jim Morrison sure knows his words, wherein his poetry stylings can potentially inspire you to work. The song actually fires up my gray matter, making me think things through, helping get the job done. Plus, the hypnotic and bizarre long organ solos help me focus on the job, blocking out potential distractions on my work.

Definitely, Maybe (The Jeff Beck Group)

If I need to grind, then Jeff Beck has the key. The talented guitarist, able to play a multitude of musical genres, shows how great and fast his fingers are in this long instrumental ditty. A great thing about this song is that Beck actually plays two parts – he had to do two recordings just to complete the song. This song makes me hit deadlines, with its grooves in-synch with the way I type my words.

Prototype (Outkast)

I’m human, after all (we all are, aren’t we?). So to unwind and slow down the pace of work, I make sure to listen to this sci-fi Outkast track. Listening it actually makes me feel like traversing down cosmic galaxies, making me relax and let loose unwanted stress. A plus with this song is Andre 3000’s lyrics – making me think of that cosmic girl on the horizon.

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Listening to music while working can prove to be a beneficial activity. The Doors’ Light My Fire helps me get started and hyped up for work, assuring that I’ll get things done. Definitely, Maybe is a definite (pardon the pun!) track for getting things done in a faster pitch, helping me hit the deadline.

And Outkast’s Prototype lets me chill down, unwind from the heavy amount of articles needed to write. Try to create your own play-list – it may just help you accomplish more at work!

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