How To Boost Your Chances of Getting That Dream Job You Want

How To Boost Your Chances of Getting That Dream Job You Want

Still Jobless? Here are Some Things You Probably Haven’t Done Before To Get A Job

Getting a job requires huge effort. If you’re too lazy to do something about this, then you probably don’t deserve a stable job. As you can see, the employers aren’t the ones who are responsible for you getting hired it’s all you!

From the moment you send in your application to the moment after the interview everything will all come from you. Recruiters are just there to evaluate and see if your performance is enough.

So, besides studying job interview questions or building up your resume, what else can you do?

Some people underestimate the power of networking. Gathering connections can be tough, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. However, if you know the right people, it’s easy. Try to ask help from friends and family. Also, if you’re a fan of social networking, then you should use this to get the upper hand in job hunting.

Forget posting pictures of you in the beach or blog posts about how “emo” you are when things don’t go your way! Be more professional. Try to meet people online through employment forums and all that. Small talk can actually pave the way to a lot of opportunities! But of course, be wary of who you talk to!

Resume writing is easy because there are templates in the web. But there are certain things that applicants forget to look such as typos. Review your resume twice (even thrice) to see if you have typos. This represents you, so you can never go wrong with checking your resume. Also, make sure your job objective is unique.

Copying it off someone else’s CV can cause you big things! Employers know this. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve seen myriads of resumes before, haven’t they? Make sure you stand out. Think of unique achievements that you’ve done in the past.

What Employers Are Probably Doing Or Thinking About

Researching about the company you’ve applied for is a plus! Employers will feel impressed knowing that you made that extra effort to look them up. But when after the interview, you keep on calling or emailing to ask how you did or what the status of your application is, then you’re bordering on desperate. We know it’s difficult to wait, especially if you’re excited to have a job but a simple thank you letter will suffice. Just wait. They’ll get back to you. Promise!

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Some companies love to google their applicants. Yes. That happens in the Philippines too. When your resume seems to be too vague, they do a background check on you.

Did you think that they don’t have the means to use social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter? Be wary of this. Make sure that your blogs or public profiles are not filled with things that can cost you the job. Don’t talk about work. Just separate personal from professional life.

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