Resume Writing Part Two – Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing A Resume

Resume Writing Part Two - Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing A Resume

Why You Should Make An Effort When You’re Writing A Resume?

If you’re unsure about what to write on your resume, the best thing you can do is just to find a template. That way, you’ll have a format to follow. There are tons of these in the internet, if you browse.

Unfortunately, even with these templates, there are still problems which people can’t seem to avoid.

Majority of these are problems which have been mentioned by various employers things that they notice.

Some of these are caused by carelessness and just plain ol’ laziness.

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There are tons of people who commit errors. Instead of highlighting their achievements as stated on the bullets, they seem to give off a bad impression. Mind you, even a resume can make you look unprofessional and have companies think that you have poor work ethics.

6 Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing A Resume

So, in order to make sure that you make a good, credible and well-written resume, you should first remember the usual errors that people commit.

Mistake #1 – Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are like bread and butter or cream and coffee. They go together and complement each other. The only difference is that, cover letters are necessary when you’re applying. Most firms request this because this document will tell them your job intentions. They have to make sure that you’re really serious and worth interviewing.

Mistake #2 – The Picture

Apart from the resume and the cover letter, recruitment officers need time to determine if their applicants are competent and determined to get hired. Not may know but they can tell through the picture you attach in your resume.

There are some people who actually use their graduation photos or have a picture taken just for the resume. If you’re one of them, then good for you. Employers often get upset when they see pictures which have been cut out from other photographs or anything alike.

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Mistake #3 – Email Address

Let’s admit, having unique usernames or cartoon characters for email addresses were once fads. But when it comes to the corporate world, employers do not really find this amusing. Submitting a resume with an email like this is unprofessional. Unfortunately, it will reflect much on your work ethic. Employment is a whole new world and you have to take it seriously.

Mistake #4 – Typos

Always remember to re-check and edit your resume when you’re done writing because you might have missed something. Employers can let one or two typographical errors slide but if there’s more, then kiss your chances of getting interviewed goodbye. It just goes to show that you rushed your resume. It will reflect badly on you.

Mistake #5 – Content

There are times when applicants forget to do this forget to remove outdated details and accidentally place the name of a different company (it happens). Some would even exaggerate their achievements and skills. Bad news for applicants that do this employers can tell if your resume is too unbelievable.

Mistake #6 – Clutter

Depending on the company you’re interviewing, you should be ready to edit your resume. Of course, each company may have specific requirements. So, if you place too much unnecessary information, employers will find yours boring. You have to make sure that it coincides with the business you’re applying for.

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