Are you planning to teach English in South America?

Are you planning to teach English in South America?

There are more and more people who wish to teach English in South America, not just for the income but also for the experience to travel and live to another country. If either is one of your own reasons in wanting to pursue a teaching career abroad, there are things that are worth learning about what you might face in teaching English in South America.

First of all, expect a totally new culture and customs. Teaching in a different country means that you are going to teach a different group of people who have their own sets of customs, different beliefs, and possibly different nuances when it comes to the English language. Therefore, the first step in a successful teaching career in South America is understanding the learners.

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Secondly, you should be able to prepare adequate activities for your learners. English is a difficult-enough subject already so you should make sure to give activities that your learners could enjoy. More often than not, those students who do not enjoy their English lessons are bored because of how teachers present the lessons. But if a teacher just exerts a little more effort in coming up with different activities, everyone would learn ow to appreciate the lessons more.

So if you are planning to teach English in South America, make sure that you are not just in it for the money. Yes, you will get paid more abroad. And yes you will get to travel. But to be really successful in your chosen career, you should learn how enjoy your job.

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