How Do You Teach English to Russians?

How Do You Teach English to Russians?

Russia, perhaps is one of those countries that has a really bad reputation brought by history and the media. Portrayed as a violent country and always up to something that would be against the peace and order of a community, people cringe about thinking of getting a job in the country. What people don’t realize is that everywhere, there is crime and violence, it’s just not as sensationalized in the media but it happens everywhere, everyday. So before we listen to rumors, better check out the testimonials of people who teach English in Russia as their job.

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With this idea present in the minds of people, there have been a demand for English teachers because there aren’t enough native English speakers or foreigners that would dare go to the country. For the record, Russia isn’t as chaotic as some people think. There are places where in it is considered to be a dangerous place but it’s not all Russia. Sure, there are places all over Russia that is quiet and peaceful but those who have tried teaching the language in the country have a lot of good stories to tell.

Primarily, the stories mostly involved the good natured people you will be able to teach. Russians are very eager to learn English and they have a very good sense of humor. As a second point, having fun while learning is their top priority when they are in class so as a teacher, it wouldn’t be as hard or awkward to work alongside with these people. They are well aware about the weather condition and reputation of their country and they are keen on making fun of it.

For you to be able to teach English in Russia, you would need to acquire a certificate from the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or CELTA courses you’ll be able to take after your finished with the secondary level of education. It would be in your choice if you want to apply as a teacher in language schools or public schools or if you want to teach in private homes.

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