How to Write a Cover Letter – The Proper Way of Writing Your Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter – The Proper Way of Writing Your Cover Letter

Finally! A Detailed Guide in Writing a Cover Letter

A lot of applicants forget to include a cover letter whenever they go through finding a job. The reason is because they absolutely have no idea what this is. When you’re writing a resume, it should be automatic – there should always be a job cover letter.

Now that we’ve entered this topic, a cover letter is considered as a letter of introduction. Because of the number of applicants you’re up against, you should offer something to the employer you’re applying for; something that will show them your skills and why you should be hired.

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Cover letters are usually used for this purpose. Companies actually read yours from the way you started it to the way you said your last remarks. Unlike with resumes, which have templates online, it’s a way for them to individualize you.

So, how does one go about cover letter writing? This particular letter does not only contain the line, “I wish to apply for the position_______” and shouldn’t just tell the employer to see your attachment (if the application’s through email). It should contain the reason why you’re applying for the job and summary of your skills and work experiences, if you have any.

To give you a better idea on how to write a cover letter, here’s a detailed way of doing it.

Employer’s Contact Information
Contact Person’s Name:
His/her Title:
Company Name:


Dear Mr./Ms. ______ (if you have the contact person’s name)
Dear Hiring Manager,

Introduction: Your first paragraph should contain these:
1.The position you’re applying for
2.Why you’re applying
3.Where you found the job opening
4.Optional: if you were refered by someone, here is where you mention that.

Body: This is where you are to elaborate the reasons why they should hire you. In other words, you should summarize your best skills and experiences here. It’s not exactly repeating the contents of your resume but it’s to highlight why you’re fit for the job and how you’re going to contribute to the company’s goals. You may use 1-2 paragraphs for this part of the cover letter.

Closing Paragraph: When writing the closing remarks of your cover letter, you should mention there that you’re open to setting up a meeting for further discussion. You should also give them your contact details, so they can contact you.

To end the letter, place there a closing salutation like:
Respectfully Yours,

How to Write a Cover Letter – The Proper Way of Writing Your Cover Letter

Your Name
(You may also include your signature, if your application is to be sent by mail)

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