3 Steps to accomplishing your goals

3 Steps to accomplishing your goals

We all have different goals in our life. Some are short-term like get through the day without spending too much on food or not spend too much hours practicing the expert level of The Metal on Xbox (Pfft). Some goals are long-term, and these are more important, like determining our career and our life 5 to 10 years from now.

Setting out goals is the easy part. It’s easy to think about what you want to be in the future, what you would like your life to be, and who you would want to spend it with. The hard part is actually doing those things. I’ve read somewhere that the things we always talk about doing are the things we never set out to do. So to prove that wrong, here are five steps into accomplishing your goals in time of the new year just a week ahead.

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1. You should have a clear and concrete picture of what and where you want to be and in a specific time like a successful entrepreneur by 2010. By being concrete, you are painting a clearer picture and you’re making it more attainable instead of being vague about it.

2. Come up with a list of specific objectives, NOT VAGUE AND GENERAL ONES, with expected date of accomplishment. The dates will motivate you more, but remember to stick with the list.

3. Do it. Just do it!

Enough of the yearly failed resolutions and goals that have always stayed as goals and not as accomplishments!

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