How To Stick With Your Job

How To Stick With Your Job

It’s as natural as it gets, but everyone gets the blues in work. Take me for instance – I told my boss I’ll be doing 30 articles today, but I’m still only up at 10. That’s still a lot of work to do! But instead of me sulking, I’d rather just focus and get the job done. Heck, I actually feel like giving up, but I’d rather not – after all, I’ve started it already. It’s a commitment I’m bound to. And since I’m writing it down, let me share to you some quick tips on how to stick with your job.

One Day at a Time

Don’t fret, you can’t always be on top. You’re bound to feel pain every now and then – you’ll even crash and burn. But by realizing that it’s just a single day, of a very long life you’re living in, you’re bound to see a silver lining soon. Like today – I know I can write 30 articles (I still have time). I just need to believe and push myself into doing and delivering it.

Hobbies Can Make a Difference

If all you do is work, then you’re bound to pay something dearly. It’s ironic, actually, but make sure to spend some time for yourself. Have a hobby, such as a sport, to help relieve and let out some steam. I like reading comics – I even visit a comic book shop every now and then. I might actually visit that shop later, once I’m done with my articles, just so I could forget how hard this day is.

Long-Term Goals, Life-Long Dreams

Remember: the amount of work you put in equals the amount of benefits you’ll receive in the end. So never curse your situation, that you’re stressed than usual.

I’m actually thinking that if I get to finish my articles today, I’ll get to have a higher chance in progressing the career ladder. I may even get a pay raise (highly unlikely, but I can dream)! It’s something that I can look forward to, to help me out of this gruesome grind.

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I’m sticking to this job – because I know I can. Have these quick tips on mind to help you get through the bends, to help you pull yourself up when you fall. I really do hope I finish my articles – I can do it! Hope you get your work done too, and let’s all stick to our jobs in the long run!

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