How not to manage job stress effectively

How not to manage job stress effectively

Really now, you want to know how not to properly manage job stress? Are you sure? I can tell you – it won’t be a pretty sight. But seeing that knowing – and understanding – the negative aspects of a certain thing can lead to better awareness, we might as well know what’s in store for you with not dealing with this kind of stress. So let’s just do that. Let’s check out the consequences of not dealing with job stress properly:

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What do you mean there’s a deadline?!?!? – Do you do things on a whim? Feel like making that report – only when you want to? Or ever felt cramming work in a hour’s time, just because you forgot that you had to attend this meeting? Sure, we all have and had our days. But by not setting a schedule, you’re technically setting and psyching yourself up for a major fail. By not sticking to deadlines, you don’t only lose your credibility and standing in your career, you’re also giving yourself unnecessary stress to deal with.

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I really don’t care – So you’re stressed. And instead of going straight home to rest, you decide to drown your sorrows in alcohol. Good move there – forget everything! Alcohol, and other vices, for that matter, have their uses, but there may be other things that you may want to consider taking up. Like sports or other hobbies! Using vices to counter job stress may work at times, but their underlying health-concern issues far outweigh their benefits. You really wouldn’t want to have a hangover every time you report to work, right?

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What am I doing here!?!?! – Are you proud with what you’re doing? Do you see your job as something more than a meaningless routine of numbers, paper and activity? Or, to tell it bluntly – do you even love your work? Job stress usually begins in the mind. By not enjoying what you’re doing, you’re building a vicious hole in your psyche. This negative hole then burns out everything you’ve once thought of as fun. It tears down the image of you accomplishing things.

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How not to manage job stress effectively

So if you’d want to not manage job stress properly, simply do the tips above. Again, it isn’t pretty – it isn’t even right! But by knowing how bad things can turn out to be, you can always chose otherwise. Hope you do have a stress-free day, and try to turn that frown into a smile!

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