How to Get Hired Instantly – Tips from Hiring Managers Themselves

How to Get Hired Instantly – Tips from Hiring Managers Themselves

Give Us 5 Minutes and We’ll Give You Tips from Hiring Managers That Can Get You the Job

Are you tired of wondering, “how do I get that job I want?” Well, instead of doing too much research and wondering how to get on the employer’s good side, here are a few things that will give you an edge in the job hunting realm and guess what? These are tips from hiring managers themselves!

“Small Details? We actually look out for them!”

Translation: Whether it’s that accidental fold on your resume or the way you ironed your slacks, we notice them. Even before the interview, we notice the tiniest things in your cover letter (if you chose to send one), your resume, like grammatical and spelling errors, plus the way you dress. In addition to this, we also like to pay attention to how fast or slow you reply to our calls or emails. We also notice how well you respond to our answers, as well as how you speak, how loud you speak and all those things. It can actually turn us off if you forget these small stuff.

“Your cover letters can actually do a lot for you.”

Translation: Whether we specify it or not, you should make a cover letter. We understand that not all schools add this to their curriculum but to us, it’s supposed to be common sense. A cover letter is what you need to submit with your resume. Because resume templates are often the same for fresh graduates, your cover letter can help us individualize you. So, if you want to be shortlisted or even scheduled for a job interview, make one.

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“What are your real strengths and weaknesses? Do tell us!”

Translation: We want to know what these are. We want to know your strengths that actually complement the job position. Also, when you’re speaking about weaknesses, don’t just say that you’re too workaholic. Don’t be generic. We want to hear the truth and how you were able to overcome these limitations. Worry not! We won’t laugh at you. We want sincerity and honesty.

“We do make time to try to Google you, if we need to.”

Translation: Because it will take too much of our time to call every single one of your references, we use the internet. Because we know that almost everyone has a profile or a blog at some social media site, we rely on a search engine. We type in your name and browse. Through this, we actually learn a lot of things. So, be careful. We might be looking at your profile right now.

“We don’t really like it if you’re very late for your job interview. Also, we don’t like it if you’re too early either.”

Translation: Tardiness is common sense. When we schedule you, make sure that you’re at least 10 minutes early. If you don’t arrive on the set time, we’ll just go on and do the things we need to accomplish. We also don’t like it if you’re too early. Because we’re on a tight schedule, we don’t like it when you come in an hour before. Although it’s polite to do so, we might be in a meeting or are doing something important. Just make sure to come in at least 10 minutes before and by then, we’re free.

“Please read the job description. We’ll leave it to your common sense to tell if you’re overqualified or simply, not qualified.”

Translation: Read the job description and requirements carefully. For example, we’re looking for someone who needs to have at least a number of years experience and you a fresh graduate, want to apply. Make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into or you might end up embarrassing yourself (which we also feel bad about). This goes the same for experienced individuals. If you’re overqualified for the job are earning more than what we can offer you and all that do be certain. If you really want the job, you can tell us through your cover letter. At least, that way we’ll hear you out.

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