A Content Writer’s Woes: 3 tips on managing job stress

A Content Writer's Woes: 3 tips on managing job stress

Working in an office can sure be tough, especially for online content writers. Not only do you need to write a certain number of articles (with topics, most of the time, you have no background or interest in) in a day, you also need to handle the pressure of dealing with colleagues, your boss, your resources – even yourself.

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Still, stress is normal in online content writing. Heck, its normal in almost any profession. The amount of stress you feel either relates to the amount of work you put – or lack – in. It’s a fact of life that all of us need to face. We can’t avoid it, but we can manage and hopefully, prevent it.

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Here are a few tips on how to manage job stress:


Do you always find yourself rushing things just because you started slow? Or are you always late at work? Proper time management is needed in order to prevent stress from happening. Proper time management involves finding out which of your tasks are of the most and least priority, then sorting them out into feasible and practical times for you to invest in their completion. Also, in time management, remember to include yourself – it does make sense. In all of your major and minor priorities, have you ever given yourself the time to invest on yourself?


Communication is a vital method that can help prevent and relieve job stress. Sharing your thoughts with your colleague can lighten that heavy load you’ve been carrying in your chest. Discuss things with your boss. It’ll not only lighten your mood, it will boost your confidence in yourself as well. Speaking out your mind and sharing your thoughts and troubles is way better than delving into otherwise nasty and destructive habits like smoking and drinking.

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I love me

Remember the “me time” mentioned in the first tip? Aside from giving time for yourself, acknowledge your talents and accomplishments as well. Give yourself a pat in the back for being such a hard worker! Self-encouragement and self-acknowledgement are great tools on overcoming job stress. It will also let you identify facets of yourself, your capabilities and opportunities to work in.

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Remember, stress is relative to the amount of work you put or lack in. Try to find out where you belong. If you think you work too much, take a breather and congratulate yourself. If you think you’re lacking on some parts, take a breather, acknowledge your talents, then show the world you can do it. Stress is all in the mind, and you can – even the content writer with his dozen of articles to submit – beat it.

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