Christmas Part Time Jobs in the Philippines

Christmas Part Time Jobs in the Philippines

How Earn Extra with these Christmas Part Time Jobs in the Philippines

Christmas is coming – and knowing Filipinos, they will take this as an opportunity to make extra cash and they should. Because of the fact that consumers are constantly looking for gift ideas for their friends and family that are affordable and unique, anyone should take this chance to use their artistic or culinary talents to help out.

There are certain part time jobs which only come out during the holidays usually starting from late October to the Christmas season. This is the time when people buy commodities by bulk and business minded people take advantage of that.

If you’re thinking of good ways to make extra Pesos during the Christmas season, make use of your talents. You never know, you might make this a yearly thing! Here are the most common part time jobs that people engage in during the Christmas season.

Gift Ideas

There are many people who are obliged to give gifts to groups of people. Unfortunately, this is very costly. Although we should exemplify the spirit of giving, one should still be practical or else they might go bankrupt. Because of this, there are people who make personalized gifts and sell them for less in bulk amounts. Gifts such as scented candles, home decorations, accessories and many others, are popular choices. Homemade crafts are also good choices.

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Food and Pastries

Filipinos love food and it’s understood that during the holidays, they love to stuff their face with it. There are a lot of people who engage in the food business, especially pastries. Apart from eating this during noche buena dinner, one can actually give these as gifts to friends and relatives. If you have the knack for cooking or baking, this will definitely be your forte.


Apart from eating, people love to shop during Christmas because of the low prices. One of the most popular destinations during the holidays are bazaars and the ‘tianges‘. These offer good items, both seasonal or not, with affordable prices. Engaging in this will definitely give you some good profit.

Christmas Decorations and Fireworks

Of course, it’s never too late to buy Christmas decorations for the home. When you purchase these close to the day itself, these become cheaper. At the same time, fireworks become a famous commodity during the holidays. Of course, with New Year coming, manufacturers and private dealers show up offering these for a very low price. If you’re interested, you should enter this seasonal business and you’ll make loads of money!


Although it’s traditional, what better way to promote the Christmas spirit than to do it with music. Even though it’s no longer as rampant as before, there are tons of people who still do carolling. They travel from home to home and bring joy to many families. Most of the time, these are reduced to private organizations and charity work. However, if you have the musical talent, you should try to make use of it to earn money during the holidays. You may never know, you might actually bring joy to people.

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