Home Based Jobs or Office Based Work – What’s Better?

Home Based Jobs or Office Based Work - What's Better?

When it comes to choosing between full time home based jobs or office based work, it’s going to be difficult. It’s a no-win situation. Each of them has a set of pros and cons to begin with. It’s up to the employee to choose what he or she prefers. If you’re unsure, here’s a list of comparisons when it comes to these two.


When it comes to working in a home based working environment, you don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning to commute to work. When you’re working in the office, you might have to battle traffic or even commuters. Imagine, having to feel stressed and burnt out in the morning. If you work in your home, you won’t have this problem. You might even be able to do a lot of things before you work.

Working Environment

When you’re at home, you’ll probably be alone. The closest thing you’ll have to colleagues would be with an online chat software. You’ll communicate more through these programs while being in an office can help you interact better with others. Although there’s a huge risk of facing obnoxious superiors and officemates, that can’t compare to the existence of friends and gimiks every now and then. In summary, working at home can be a bit lonely.

Stress Levels

When you’re at home, your time is more flexible. You won’t have to feel pressured about deadlines. You won’t have a boss who appears behind you, giving you tons of work, or companions that will make you feel pressure. In other words, it’s easier to manage time at home. Because you’ll be working at your own pace, you won’t feel as stressful as office folks do.

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In an office setup, growth is certain, no matter how long it takes. When you’re at home, growth might actually be stagnant. Why is this, you ask? When you’re at home, there’s a tendency to slack off; to do unnecessary things – watch TV, have multiple breaks, take power naps and so on. When you’re in the office, there’s that special drive that keeps you going until the day.

Sure, there are your occasional distractions like Facebook, Twitter, FB Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr and so on, the environment, and the presence of others, will help you work better. Plus, there are seminars and trainings. You don’t really have all of these in your room. Many home based workers actually feel uninspired after a few months of working alone.

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Salary is not enough to say if the job is worth it. You have to compute your expenses. When you’re at home, it’s easier on the wallet. No more commuting, buying food, doing unnecessary shopping. When you’re working at home, the farthest place to travel would be the bathroom to take a bath. You can cook your own food or make your own coffee and save tons of money. This will help you build up your income better.

Social Life

Working at home tends to be lonely, unless you’re used to be being alone. You’ll find that everyone else is out, while you’re in the same place over and over. Being in the office can be a bit exciting, especially with different people working with you. If your employer wishes it, you may actually be sent to conferences or business meetings, where you’ll meet and interact with potential contacts, as well as friends. You’ll also be updated on the lives of officemates and friends.

Personal Space

When you’re working at home, you might actually lose your personal space. Office goers like the feeling of leaving everything in the workplace at the end of the day and retreating to their homes. If you’re home based, you might not be able to have that personal space you’re craving for. Personal problems may also intervene with work and can get you out of balance.

Review these to see what’s better for you: home based work or office jobs. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a unique kind of experience and a lot of lessons to learn about yourself and about work.

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