King For The King at Burger King

King For The King at Burger King

Do you want to know how it is like to work for one of the leading burger stores in the world? If so, read on and find what’s in store for you as a future employee of Burger King.

Burger King, or oftentimes abbreviated as BK, is an international chain of hamburger fast food restaurants whose main office is in Miami Dade County of Florida USA. Started out as Insta-Burger King in 1953 in Jacksonville Florida, Burger King has come to have its latest name when the former company closed off during the financial difficulties that it encountered in early 1954. Its franchisees, David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased the company and renamed it Burger King. It is when flame-broiled beef burgers begin fulfilling its destiny.

For every success of a company lies a group of people behind it, and undoubtedly Burger King would not be where it is right now if without its hardworking and dedicated staff.

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The jobs or positions available at Burger King are the following:

* Team Member is one tasked to handle either the cash register, the kitchen, stock/supplies inventory and serving the customers
* Restaurant General Manager handles complete customer satisfaction by overseeing the employees performance, running the operations of the restaurant in a smooth and orderly manner and ensuring financial performance.
* Shift Coordinator is responsible for restaurant operations during assigned shifts, including opening and closing restaurant.
* Assistant Manager ensures the delivery on the Customer Promise through managing the daily operations of a restaurant and manages financial controls, operations, people development, customer service and compliance across shifts for desired restaurant outcomes (i.e., increased sales, profitability and employee retention).
* Marketing Jobs
* District Manager monitors and improves restaurant profitability through efficient operations and restaurant visitations, manages and leads a restaurant management team that will work in maintaining a high level of guest satisfaction by facilitating safe, clean, high quality restaurant operations, protects the BKC Brand and the health and welfare of guests and employees through compliant practices and drives sales at the restaurant level through local marketing tactics.
* Field Operations
* Management Trainees
* Operations Coach
* Technical Lead SAP Finance
* Senior Analyst Tax
* Director External Engagement and Public Relations

From being a simple hamburger restaurant to one of the leading burger joints there is, Burger King has truly evolved into a fast-improving and customer-oriented fast food restaurant in the world.

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