How to be Fully Prepared for Class

How to be Fully Prepared for Class

Preparing for a class sounds like something trivial isn’t it? Most students just show up at class, expecting to be surprised with what’s going to happen with the lesson and going with the flow. But let me tell you, this habit makes you dull and lazy and you shouldn’t bet used to it at all. What you should do instead is to learn how to prepare for class. Getting prepared for thins this early makes you prepare for you life plans in the future.

1. Read ahead. If you have some idea about what you’re going to discuss, you will be more interested and you will have a better grasp of the lesson.

2. Review past lessons. Reviewing past lessons is as important as reading ahead so you could connect everything and you wouldn’t have to wonder why everything turned out the way it is. It just makes sense.

3. Make a list of questions. It’s okay to not understand a few things. Make sure you have a list of questions so that in class next time you have something to contribute.

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4. Always do your homework. Doing your homework helps you understand things you otherwise wouldn’t if you didn’t listen to the discussion.

5. Always carry the essentials. Having read tons at home doesn’t mean you could leave your textbooks at home. There might be a surprise seatwork and you would be the only one left without a book. Always bring your weapons for studying, even a lucky pencil or pen if you have any, to maximize your learning experience.

Coming to class prepared isn’t for your teacher. It’s for you. You are doing yourself a favor by studying and enabling yourself for the maximum learning experience you deserve.

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