Tips to Ace Your Job Interview – Small Details that Make Big Differences

Tips to Ace Your Job Interview - Small Details that Make Big Differences

There are just too many job interview tips and guides out there. It seems like they’re all saying the same thing. If you’ve already done your homework (even memorized majority of these guides) and you’re still striking out, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Like the experts say, little details mean a lot of things to hiring managers. You may not notice it but they’re actually looking at the buttons on your blouse or the way your hair is tucked behind your ears.

What do I mean? Here are some of the small details that can help make a great impact (good or bad) on the interviewer regarding your performance. These are things that can determine the success of your job interview. These may be mentioned in other job interview articles but pay attention. You may learn something new.

1. Eye Contact – If you’re speaking with someone, wouldn’t you want that person to look at you? About 60% of applicants forget to do eye contact during a job interview. It’s either, they look up or down or even in multiple directions. It’s very distracting and sometimes annoying for the interviewer. Usually, this causes an HR manager to lose interest. Make sure, that even if you’re anxious, that you do eye contact. You’ll realize that it will do a lot for you.

2. Clothes Clothes make the man or woman. Did you know that some applicants failed at a job interview because they wore jeans? Did you know that some failed because they wore a rugged jacket over a semi formal attire? Many people don’t realize it but once they step inside the office, even the receptionist is screening you. First impression lasts and if you get a bad one, that’s automatically a point against you. You may have the best answers, but they’ll always see you as the person who couldn’t dress up well.

3. Non-verbal Gestures – Sometimes, we all have to be careful with our non-verbal gestures, especially when it’s related to facial expressions. There are times when certain actions, such as eyes rolling, are considered as rude.

4. Cellphones – Some people forget to put their phones in silent mode in an interview. This goes to show the level of preparation they did. Job interviews are serious meetings. It’s common sense to turn off your mobile phones or to switch them in silent mode.

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5. Politeness and Respect – Some applicants enter the office and forget to greet “Good Morning” or say “Thank you.” Some would even walk past you, just like you’re not there. The worse part is, they don’t think they know that they’re being rude.

6. Slang and Taglish – It’s irritating for many interviewers to hear “Yeah” rather than “Yes, sir/ma’am.” It’s even more annoying to here something like, “My course is… parang…” or “I have a part time job kasi…” Maybe it’s cool on a social level but job interviews are formal engagements. Make sure you are careful.

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