Know which MBA type is for you

Know which MBA type is for you

Having a master’s degree in business administration may be one of the biggest accomplishments that can earn in your life. With an MBA, not only do new opportunities in career-development will be opened to you; you’ll also get to enjoy newfound respect for yourself. However, earning an MBA is not an easy task. It’s an investment that involves a lot of sacrifices.

The first step on earning an MBA is to know which type is best suited for your lifestyle. To help you out, here’s a short list of the different MBA degree types:

Two-year MBA – This type is the normal, or full-time, length of a typical MBA degree. Normally lasting for two years – around 18 months – applicants in this MBA type attend classes just like normal university students do. Normal classes would be during weekdays.

Accelerated MBA – This MBA degree type offers the opportunity to finish the normal two year length of a typical MBA degree. However, vacations and semester breaks are usually shortened or taken out, to compensate for faster learning and more classes. This of course involves higher course loads and intensive and in-depth (more than the usual) classes and tests.

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Part-time MBA – An option suited for working individuals, part-time MBA degree students usually have their classes after work at night, or even during the weekends. Due to the less time spent in the classrooms, and less focus on classes, students of the part-time MBA degree may have to attend to this type for three years or more.

Executive MBA (EMBA) – A higher standard in terms of learning, students of the EMBA are usually managers or leaders in their line of work. Because of the assets of these students to their respective companies, EMBA degrees are specialized, even allowing the students to finish their courses in the standard two-year period, without having to leave work.

Distance Learning MBA – To consider promising individuals aspiring to earn their MBA degree, the distance learning MBA was introduced. Actual or physical class attendance is not a requirement. Classes are done off-campus, usually by correspondence mail, online (podcasts, pre-recorded videos and the such) to compensate the distance and time issue.

Dual MBA – This type of MBA degree considers the students’ interests and capabilities. Without the need of applying for a separate course, Dual MBA degrees combine an MBA with the applicant’s chosen course. This is a cost-efficient – both monetary and time – option in gaining two degrees in one typical MBA degree time span.

Know which MBA type is for you

These MBA degree types all serve different purposes, to suit each unique individual’s needs. So in planning on earning an MBA degree, make sure to consider what type is most suitable for your lifestyle. This way, you can actually commit and accomplish your investment.

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