5 Good Reasons to Go to College

5 good reasons to go to college

Often in life, we find ourselves in a crossroad, and utterly clueless on how to go on with our life. Choosing one path from another doesn’t really secure us of everything we wanted in life, so it makes choosing more of a task than a privilege. But that’s just it. We don’t realize that life is that unpredictable and exciting and not knowing our future should entice us and challenge us all the more than scare us. One crossroad that most of us find ourselves in is during senior year in high school.

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A lot are scared to make it all the way through college, some are actually unable to go to college because of their financial situation. But whatever the reason is, I believe in the saying that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Financial stability shouldn’t be a reason anymore not to go to college because state universities offer quality education, and a lot of other universities offer great scholarships.

But why am I pushing everyone to go to college? I’ll give you not just one reason, not two, but five good reasons why you should go to college after high school.

1. Statistics and society ensure a more secured future for college graduates. The job opportunities are greater for college graduates.

2. You are not just going to earn more, but as a person you’ll be more rounded. Sure it all depends on the individual and his personality, but college education provides you with education apart from academic that teaches you a lot of outside learning.

3. If you are particularly interested and already good in a particular field, college education enables you to hone that all the more, making you more productive and creative as an individual an as an artist in your chosen field.

4. Education doesn’t end when you finish college. In fact, college education can serve as your springboard if in the future you would want to expand your knowledge in a particular field, or if ever you decide to teach. A great college education will serve as your backbone to your future career decisions.

5. College is an investment, greater and more important than any stock market anywhere in the world. In college, you’re not only investing in your future, but the future of your family to be.

College is a crucial part in any one’s education. In college you learn a lot in school, and a lot more outside. So don’t think that going to college is going to be a waste of your life. It could even well be the most memorable 4 or 5 years of your whole life.

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