BEWARE: How to Determine Job Scams and Con Artists when Seeking for Employment

BEWARE: How to Determine Job Scams and Con Artists when Seeking for Employment

How to Know if a Job Offer is Legitimate or Not

Job seekers, beware! Although there are numerous job opportunities, it is easily to get swayed by job scams. Yes, you read it right scams. If you are beginner, it is definitely difficult to see the real job postings from the fake ones. You may think that you are applying for a good job but you’re actually falling into a trap.

So, the question is: how will you be able to find a good job without worrying about these cons? The fact is: con artists have become so talented that they are able to imitate the real ones and penetrate employment sites without any trouble. Not to worry! There are certain qualities job scams have that sets them apart from the genuine ones.

In order for you to land a job without any troubles, you should always remember these things:

  1. Getting a job is free and it will always be. If you find a job ad which requires you to pay a certain fee before or after applying, then you should definitely back out while it’s still early.
  2. A genuine job opening found in employment sites do not really promise much. If you think that what you are reading is too good to be true, chances are it is. If these say that you can get bundles of money without doing much, then these are scams. Just think: who would offer you money just like that?
  3. A real job posting only shows you the description of the job and the list of requirements they need. Plus, they would always give you contact information. If you have the time, you should do a background check on them.
  4. Although too much can be regarded as scams, job openings which have limited details are definitely suspicious. If you see something like ‘come see me and place an address, this is definitely something you should report.
  5. Job offers which come from emails and phone calls are somewhat doubtful. Most of the time, the con artists pick out your name and contact information from somewhere without knowing much. Nonetheless, you should make sure that they are a legit company by asking them questions.
  6. Job offers which promise to take you abroad should be studied carefully. If these promise you that you will get a job instantly, these are often fake. Most legitimate job openings in foreign countries only offer you a list of opportunities which you can take.

How to Act when Faced with Suspicious Job Offers

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Now, that you know how to recognize a scam, what should you do? If you are a fresh graduate who is not familiar with job postings, you should remember these things:

  1. Never ever submit your resume online or give credit information without doing a background check on a company. Check out what they do or their past achievements. This will tell you if they are legitimate or not.
  2. If you have been contacted by someone, you should never hesitate to ask questions. You should ask who the person is, their company background, what their contact information is and even references. Never ever give out information over emails and phone calls!
  3. You should check with your local government agency to learn more about how to apply a job overseas. This way, you will be aware of what jobs to take and what not to trust.
  4. List down everything they tell you. This will give you an easier time to report them in the future if ever they are scams. In fact, have a copy of the contracts you sign!
  5. Do not get overwhelmed by good company names or promises. Always check with the government if this is a legitimate business.

Just in case you get scammed, do not feel alarmed. Learn from your mistakes and you will certainly find a good job. At the same time, there are still things you can do to help other people avoid these cons. Never ever hesitate reporting suspicious people or groups. After all, if they are legal operating groups, they will surely check out.

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