Common job sectors in Canada that Filipinos can apply for

Common job sectors in Canada that Filipinos can apply for

Are you a Filipino wanting to start a career in Canada? Then you’re in luck – this beautiful and progressive country has a large demand for workers in various fields. Here are some of the most common jobs that you can apply for:


The food & beverage arm has a large demand in its labor force. With restaurants and hotels steadily being built, staff and employees need to be filled in. Waiters, because of the low qualifications and requirements needed, are the most common job that most Filipinos apply for. Because of the high number of applicants in this field, career advancement is also prioritized, wherein waiters can be promoted to other positions like being part of the food counter staff or a cashier. Specialized positions, such as bartending and those who studied being a chef, is not only offered in a high rate, but profitably rewarding as well.

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Since more and more establishments and structures are being raised up in Canada, the construction sector is also in need of more workers. This is very promising for most Filipinos, because majority are already skilled in this field. Positions like carpenters, welders and tinsmith insulators are always in need. Higher level positions like mechanical works supervisors, maintenance planners and engineering positions are mainly offered in large firms, with long-term career plans included for an exciting and bright future in Canada. And seeing that there’s no end in the line of projects being done in Canada, the future of Filipinos working in the construction sector looks bright.


Because of Canada’s diverse landscape, work can still be found and is available in different, unique fields. Farm laborers are very much welcome in the many animal and crop lands of Canada. This is particularly helpful for the common Filipino applicant, wherein most are have farms back in their native provinces already. In terms of freight services, experienced truck drivers can also look for work here. Not only would Filipino truck drivers gain much from a higher pay, they’ll also be granted better benefits than those offered locally.

Filipinos can choose from a myriad of Canadian jobs. The F&B sector needs manpower to fill up the growing number of restaurant establishments. Construction jobs are always being done, so the demand of skilled workers is always high. Filipino farmers can also get an opportunity working abroad, with Canadian farms in need of more hands. By knowing Canada’s employment needs and opportunities, Filipinos can get the chance to share their talents.

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