How to Write a Resignation Letter That Will Keep You In Good Terms With Your Former Employer

How to Write a Resignation Letter That Will Keep You In Good Terms With Your Former Employer

Resignation Letter Sample – Your Short Guide on How to Write a Good Resignation Letter

Are you looking for resignation letter samples? Do you believe that it’s already time to file this? If you are, do you know how to write a resignation letter?

It’s a fact of life. Leaving is truly one of the hardest things to do, especially if there are so many reasons. This is also true for work, especially if you’ve been in the company for years or have developed an attachment with your work colleagues. Nonetheless, if you 100% believe that this is the path you need to tread, then you should make sure that your transition to your next job or career would be smooth.

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That is why writing a resignation letter is very crucial. This notice will determine if you will leave with a positive or negative impression. You have to consider the fact that in the future, you might work with these people again. This is especially true if you’re to venture in the same industry. Make sure that your letter is brief and straight to the point. Also, the tone has to be polite and professional.

Although there’s no standard way of writing resignation letters, here’s a quick guide that will aid you in writing your first resignation letter.

Start by putting the date and your employer’s contact details:


Manager’s Name
Company Name
Company Address

Next, you have to create a good salutation:

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name),

When writing a resignation letter, you don’t have to put in a dramatic intro. You can just be concise about it. The first paragraph should immediately say that you are resigning from the company and when the date of your resignation is effective.

In the next portion of your letter, you are given the freedom to share your gratitude to your boss. You can express how thankful you are for the opportunities you have encountered in the company. You need not be too dramatic, as mentioned before. Although you are expressing yourself, make sure that the tone of the resignation letter is still professional.

Don’t forget that if you resign, you still have a number of days to stay. Make sure you have the decency to say that you will continue to work your best in your last few weeks. In addition, you can tell your employers that you are willing to help them with this new transition; that you will be training your replacement if you wish.

To close your letter, you should use:

Respectfully Yours,


(Your signature)
Your name

This is the most basic way of writing a resignation letter. If you feel like you want to do something different, you can add some personality to this. However, be cautious. You might actually cause a rift between you and your employer if you do something funny. Also, don’t hesitate to find more resignation letter examples if you’re in doubt.

Good luck!

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