How to get a job at Burger King

How to get a job at Burger King

About Burger King Corporate

Waving high as the second largest hamburger restaurant chain, Burger King, with its shortened name BK, boasts its more than 11,300 food chains in 69 countries with 66 percent of its operations are based in the U.S., while 90 percent are operated by private firms and entrepreneurs. Presently, it has 37,000 employees worldwide serving 11.4 million patrons every day.

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Its flaming-broiled burgers earn about $11 billion in yearly sales and still counting. Since 1954 when it started its operations in Miami, Florida with James McLamore and David Edgerton, the Burger King brand has proven it worth in offering quality, good-value taste and affordable burgers.

If there is one food chain to satisfy your hunger, Burger King is a dependable partner. Its array of food choices captivates the various preferences that will fit your appetite. Burger King Brands work under the umbrella company of Burger King Corporation. Other investors in the company include TPG Capital, L.P., Bain Capital, and Goldman Sachs each with shares about 25 percent of the firm.

For over five decades, Burger King is the place to be offering mouth-watery delight for burger lovers and a great meal that treats the taste buds.

Employment Opportunities at Burger King

Burger King offers different jobs that includes in-store and corporate positions.

Corporate Positions

  • Finance
  • Franchise Operations
  • Global Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal

In-store Positions

  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Shift Coordinator
  • Team Member

Helpful Job Tips

1.Always maintain eye contact. This shows you’re interested in what the interviewer is saying. Just be sure that you’re not already staring.

2. Be ready to tell something a little about yourself, but do not blabber about your life story. Don’t be afraid to share something other than “yes” and “no”.

3. Nodding your head means you’re attentive and interested with what the other person is saying. But don’t overdo it or the interviewer might think you’re bobbing your head to some music only you can hear.

4. Do ask questions when you want to clear up something. It doesn’t mean that you’re slow in picking up. It just shows that you want everything to be clear between the two of you to avoid misunderstanding.

5. Ask questions that you want to know about the company and the interviewer has not mentioned yet. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into has never hurt anyone, and the interviewer usually interprets questions from interviewee as a good sign.

6. Always have an open mind when it comes to tasks handed to you. Always consider additional tasks as an opportunity for you to learn something new rather as a way to burden you with more workload.

7. Make sure you understand what your exact role is. It’s very daunting when you get hired and realize later that it’s not the positioned you think applied for.

8. Inquire about the people who you’ll be working with. It’s important that you have a background of the environment they’re putting you in, and whether there are potential competitors.

9. If you’re a replacement for someone, ask about the previous person and the reason why that person left. If the interviewer is unwilling to answer, that’s not a good sign and you should back off.

10. Ask about other possible opportunities in the future because it shows that you’re thinking of staying for a long time and that you value your career.

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