Check Your Body Language During A Job Interview

Check Your Body Language During A Job Interview

If you are scheduled to have a job interview and you really want to be able to land the job, then it is only important for you to know the proper body language that you should show when you face your potentials employers or interviewers. Remember that it’s not just what you say but how you say it as well as your body gestures can let them know if you’re really in it or not. So to help you have an edge and impress interviewers during your job interview, here is a checklist of the things that you need to keep in mind once you go in and talk to them.

If there is a panel who will interview you, walk around the table as you shake their hands, making sure that you look directly into the other person as you say your name. Never assume that they know who you are even if they’re holding your resume.

When you are asked to take a seat and you’re given to choose where, see to it that you choose a place where you can be able to see clearly all the interviewers and vice versa.

Keep in mind to have a posture that shows real interest but at the same time would make you look as if you feel relaxed and not nervous.

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When you sit on a chair, sit up straight chair with your back against it. Choosing to slouch or hang sideways from the chair can make you seem as if you’re not interested; Sitting at the edge of the seat however will make them think that you’re a little tense and uncomfortable.

Always remember to turn your shoulders and lean forward a little to the person who is talking or saying something to show that you are listening.

Be aware of where your hand are because they are the ones which usually give way and let interviewers know how you really feel. Try to let your hands rest loosely on your lap or you could also place them on the arm rests of your chair.

You could try to nod your head while speaking to show support for your words and add also meaning to what you say.

Remember to slowly add movements with your hands to show that you feel at ease.

Do not forget that shuffling with your feet or kicking against the leg of the table can really be disturbing so refrain from doing that.

When an interviewer is speaking, look at him to show that you are listening and interested to what he is saying.

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Look at the person who asked you the question but you should know that you may also look at the other interviewers while you’re answering.

We may not be totally aware of it but our body language plays an important role as to whether we get accepted for a job or not. That’s why it is only necessary for you to pause and analyze your gestures and facial expressions and see to it that they add positive impressions on your prospective employer. Try to follow these tips on body language and you’re sure to land that job you’ve always wanted.

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