How to Get Promoted: Steps That You Can Climb

How to Get Promoted: Steps That You Can Climb

Get That Promotion You Want Through These 6 Steps

Getting promoted is like taking care of a plant. It needs work. It will not just come magically out of the soil. In short, your patience and great determination before you can get that recognition you want. But don’t worry, if you think you’ve been working hard, chances are your superiors are seeing that too. So what should you do to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of? Here’s 6 steps!

Step #1: Be Professional

Once you enter the company, you start from scratch. Think of it as a game. You start with level one and work your way to the higher levels. It’s very common to make mistakes and to get scolded. When this happens, your attitude towards failure and errors will hone you and give you the chance to step up as one of the contenders for that promotion. Being professional is not working to be perfect. It’s about embracing imperfections – that you too can make mistakes – and working hard to change them. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to be scolded. That way, you learn more!

Step #2: Don’t Stick to One Task Only

Versatility is one quality that bosses love to see in their employees. Initiative is another. If you have both of these, plus proper timing, you’ll definitely be on your way to their good side. Basically, if you show them that you can do more than one thing, like be a leader, they’ll see your skills as an asset. Of course, you have to be careful since if you try too hard, you’ll look desperate. Volunteer when there are extra tasks to be done and give help when it is needed. Apart from becoming a good employee, you’ll also gain more skills and abilities. You might even discover things about yourself.

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Step #3: Be Friendly! Don’t Think That It’s A Competition

Working in a company may mean that you’re working hard to earn a living but people forget that they’re actually working in a group. Just do your job and mingle with your colleagues. You’re not in competition with them. Once you establish good relations, it’ll be easier to work. You’ll get help and even feedback from them. Remember, even your teammates can contribute to your success!

Step #4: Give Suggestions

When you’ve been working in a company for a certain time, you should try to help out in little ways. If your superiors ask you, you should be honest. Give feedback and suggestions. If you give good ones, they will see that you’re not just working for yourself. They will see that you care for the growth of the company.

Step #5: Seek the Help of a Mentor

It is important to establish good relations with your boss. Because this person has been in the firm for quite some time, that person will surely have something to teach you. They will bestow upon you knowledge that will help you grow. Once a superior sees that you have potential, they will automatically train you themselves.

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Step #6: Attendance

If you think that this is a small matter, think again. Your superiors evaluates you not only based on the work you do but also with your work ethics. If you’re usually absent or tardy, kiss your chances of getting promoted goodbye! If you set a good example towards your fellow employees, you’ll surely become a model worker.

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