Rules for Filing a Notice For Resignation – Is It That Time For You Already?

rules for filing a notice for resignation is it that time for you already

Reasons Why People Hand in their Resignation Revealed!

It’s inevitable. When you’re just on the bottom steps of the ladder that is your career, there are times when you have to make difficult choices. One of these decisions is to file a resignation. Sometimes, this is the right thing to do if we want to progress with our career. We cannot just stay in one company if we feel like there’s no direction. Besides this, there are other reasons why people send in their notice for resignation. These are:

  • A problem with the management
  • A better job offer
  • A career change
  • Problems with location, schedule and so on.

Proper Etiquette When Handing in A Notice For Resignation – Are You Doing The Right Thing?

So, when you’re at that part of your life where you’re planning to move on to greener pasture and hand in your resignation letter, you should make sure that you handle it well. Although this is “goodbye” for you and the company, you should make sure to follow certain rules of etiquette. This is because there are a lot of people who think that when they resign, it’s over. Remember, you still have a few days left (unless your boss asks you to leave immediately).

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Here are some things you should remember when you’re planning to quit from your job.

  • If you’re just planning to do this because of another offer, think carefully. Are you sure about this?
  • If you’re sure about quitting, you should make sure to clear out your personal files in the computer you’re using. Just to be safe.
  • Learn more about your company’s resignation rules. They may have certain regulations that are different from other firms.
  • Give at least a 2 week notice (14 days) when you’re planning to resign. Be respectful. Employers hate it when you do this instantly. Give the company some time to adjust and look for your replacement.
  • Make sure to construct your resignation letter well. You should be polite and respectful until the end.
  • If you’ve made up your mind, make sure that you stand strong to your conviction. Don’t feel guilty especially if you feel that it’s time for you to do this. Resignation is a choice everyone has to make at some point of their lives.
  • When you have handed this to your boss, make sure you continue to be productive until your last day. It doesn’t mean that if you’re resigning, it’s over. Continue to be a team player. Remember to leave on good terms.
  • Your exit interview doesn’t give you the authority to backstab your employer and your colleagues. Make sure that if you’re resigning, you keep in touch with them, especially if they have contributed much to your growth as a person.
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