Jumpstart your Job Search Resolutions! – Out with the Old Ways and In with the New

Jumpstart your Job Search Resolutions! – Out with the Old Ways and In with the New

The New Year is the perfect time for those job hunters out there to spruce up their job search process and get on the right track on finding that perfect job position that will make you viable to a lot of companies seeking the right people with the right stuff.

Its time to eliminate the old ways of how you look for a job, whether it’s a job fair or an immediate appointment from a prospective employer you’d want to plot a winning strategy in the course of your job search. Its time to jumpstart you job search resolutions! Here are four resolutions that will help usher in a new mindset of job searching:

1) Clarify Your Goals

You cannot land the dream job that you want without knowing what you are looking for. Think and reassess your current skills on how you will use them for the new job and work environment you will be immersed into, think of it as translating your learned skills into create a more focused industry that you are applying in and a polished resume for the employers to see. Take into consideration the purpose of your job search and clarify it further by your professional goals.

2) Develop Your Network

More often that not, 18 out of 20 jobs are not advertised these days, a way to increase your opportunities in finding and landing that job is by networking, its as simple as talking to people and doing additional research about hiring opportunities from various companies.

Its like when you have a friend who knows someone in a certain department that has job openings, you’d want to get a hold of that person and know the positions available and how to go about in applying for those positions, you should also increase your network by talking to representatives in job fairs and other career opportunity events.

3) Revamp Your Resume – At times this is the most overlooked resolution for plenty of job seekers out there, you should have a more polished resume that contains all of your updated information be it job experience or change of address, it’s the little details that speak loudly. Take time to review the elements of your cover letter as well when you get to submit your resume during your job search.

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4) Polish your Interview Techniques – Another important factor in your job search is the interview be it the initial interview or the succeeding interviews from the head or supervisors that can make or break your job application.

Review your way of speaking and choose your words carefully even if you are speaking about your previous job experience or personal information to the interviewer, sometimes it’s the impression that you leave that can make you a viable employee or someone not making the cut. Take time to review your public speaking skills and eliminate your insecurities when facing the interviewer, also, do your homework about the employer and research some interviewing tips, it will do wonders to your interview.

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