How to Choose the Right University

How to Choose the Right University

For a senior in high school, going to college might be an overwhelming thought to absorb. The totally different environment, different people, different way of teaching and learning, the idea of college might even be scary for some. But being scared is the last thing you should feel about going to college. It’s actually going to be the most fun and memorable years of your life if you really give it enough effort.

But one thing that scares most students and parents are the sheer number of colleges and universities and the courses they offer. There are just a lot and most parents who are going to be sending a kid to college for the first time are going to make their decisions on different bases.

In the Philippines, if you’re rich enough, you would automatically go to De La Salle. If you’re intelligent enough, you would opt for University of the Philippines. If you’re both rich and intelligent, Ateneo de Manila University is for you. But these are the shallow reasons, mostly by students, for picking a school. Actually there are a lot of other great universities in the Philippines which offer great education and are not that expensive. Personally, state universities should be the top choice of people, considering the present economic condition of the Philippines right now, and the yearly increase in tuition.

Here are some state universities you can choose from if you want to have quality education that is not expensive.

Philippine Normal University – if you want to be an educator after, then PNU is the best choice. Being the Center of Excellence in producing topnotchers and the best teachers, you would not be regretting your decision.

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Technical University of the Philippines – if you want to be an engineer, this is the university for you. The school is specializing in producing competent engineers for a long time.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines – another great university if you want to be an engineer. The professors are very competent and professional, and they offer a lot of other scholarships so you could further save money. They offer a lot of other courses too other than engineering.

Remember that in choosing a college for you, just because a school is popular and expensive, it doesn’t mean that it gives you the kind of education you are expecting. On the same note, just because a school is inexpensive and it is a state university, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide quality education. In truth, it is more difficult to get into state universities, and you should be more competent because once you get in, you have to prove that you are worthy to be called “iskolar ng bayan.” So next time you chance upon these schools, think about it.

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