Job Applications Online – Tips to Help You When You Apply for a Job Online

Things That Applicants Forget When Doing Job Applications Online

Job Applications Online – Tips to Help You When You Apply for a Job Online

Applying for jobs online is one of the easiest ways to get, if not a job, a number of interviews. However, even if this is a step by step process, numerous people still don’t get it right. They still often commit errors when it comes to online job applications. The painful part here is that these individuals don’t really notice that they make any mistakes. Just in case you’re thinking of doing this anytime soon, here are some tips to help you with your online job applications.

The Blank Message

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Although most job ads say, “send your resumes to our email adddess,” that doesn’t necessarily mean to just send it. Many applicants think that sending their resumes to the HR manager of a company, with a blank message box and the position they’re applying for in the subject line would suffice as a proper online application. In fact, this is considered as a common error.

Employers expect initiative as early as the application period. Always remember that when you submit your application online, include a cover letter. Employer read cover letters to do an early evaluation of their potential employees. In other words, having one will boost your chances. Just in case you need tips on writing a good cover letter, there are various sources online.

Email Blast

Regardless of the numbers of job sites present today, it’s still effective to send your application through your own email. This will give you an edge over other applicants since they’ll immediately see your resume in their inbox. For sure, you’ll be sending out CVs to various employers. When sending your applications to different hiring firms, send emails one at a time. Avoid putting multiple recipients in one email.

Not only will your job application online look unprofessional, this will give companies the impression that you’re not serious when applying for a job. You cannot just send your resume as if it was a forwarded chain message. Do make sure that you edit your cover letter and resume depending on the employer and the job you’re applying for.

No Attachments

There are some companies who are kind enough to remind you if you have forgotten to attach your resumes. Nonetheless, the other part would just ignore your application. If you wish to apply for a job, attaching your CV is an automatic action. Don’t just place a well written cover letter. This doesn’t count as a formal application. Many don’t have the time to email you back asking for your resume. It’s like milk and coffee or bread and butter – cover letter and resumes go together.

Before you send your email, check if you have attached your resume. See if you’ve updated it. Once you’ve sent it out, it’s a point of no return.

File Names, Email Addresses and Display Names

You may think that these aren’t important but these tiny things are very important in online job applications. Everything needs to be perfect. In some cases, employers actually find resume file names such as, ‘resume koh.doc‘ or ‘hahaha resume.doc’. If you were the hiring officer, how would you react to this kind of filename?

This is also the same for email addresses and display names. It is okay to use your personal email to send out your applications online but make sure that your display name and email address is appropriate and formal, unlike ‘Sugar Babes‘ or ‘[email protected].’ Your application will definitely seem like a spam email. This will cause employers to skip your email or maybe even delete it.

If you don’t have one, create an email merely for professional use like [email protected] and put a proper display name like Juan Dela Cruz. Your resume file name should consist of your name and the word resume.

Going back, it’s easy to go about job applications online but many people actually commit mistakes because of this. Don’t let this opportunity slip by because of tiny errors. When you apply online, you should do it right.

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