Sample Resumes for College Students

Sample Resumes for College Students

What does a resume for college students look like?

Resumes for college students usually contain work history from different part-time jobs you’ve had in the previous years. Unfortunately, the usual jobs a lot of college students have had include those for jobs at fast food chains or different retail stores. And if you’re looking for a job that doesn’t concern getting other people’s food or selling anything, there’s actually no reason for you to highlight the kind of jobs you’ve had.

What you need is to highlight the skills you’ve learned from the jobs you’ve had. Reading a lot of skills is a lot more motivating for an employer rather than knowing you used to work for McDonald’s as a cashier. The point is, you should know which weigh more when it comes to creating an effective resume.

If you think that your employment history will help with your job application, then by all means include all of it. But if it only includes part-time jobs you’ve had since you were in high school, it’s better to stick with putting only the skills gained.

What do employers usually first look at a resume for college students?

An employer wants to find out if someone is trainable. If the employer takes one look at your resume and sees that you’ve learned a lot from your work experience and your education, he will think highly of you. The impression that a good college student resume gives out is that of a fast-learner and trainable.

I’ve read a lot of resumes of college students wanting to appear more experienced that they actually are, but as someone who has read thousands of resumes in my years of work, I can easily separate those who are just showing off from those who are actually competent.

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And it’s not just with the content of the resume but on how you write your resume. If you’ve paid attention during your writing classes in high school and in college, you should know that you should avoid including useless information and stop wasting paper.

If you really want to learn how to have a genuinely effective resume, start looking for sample resumes for college students online and start practicing!

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