Test Taking Strategies

Test Taking Strategies

It’s normal to feel anxious before a major exam, especially if it could make or break your remaining days as a student or your first test during hiring process. But you don’t have to cough up blood or do a stranger ritual just to make sure you come out of an exam alive. These tips will help you get the better of the exam and I assure you that A.

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1. Come prepared and make sure you studied.
2. Don’t come hungry or overly full.
3. Don’t eat sugary snacks like junk food. Instead opt for fresh fruits.
4. Make sure you are well-rested.
5. Upon receiving the test papers, make sure you read all the directions carefully. Twice to make sure. Ask questions if you still don’t get it. Don’t be embarrassed by asking questions if it means acing the test.
6. Answer all easy questions first. Don’t dwell on difficult questions because it eats up time. Mark the questions you’re going to skip to make sure you’ll remember to get back at them.
7. For True or False questions, answering can sometimes be tricky. But remember, if you think something is true but you’re not sure about a part of a statement, it’s false.

8. If there are the words “no” and “not” in a statement, try reading it without those words and see if it makes more sense to you.
9. Absolute words such as never, always, all, none, are often used for false statements.
10. For essay questions, make sure you understand the question first before answering. To check, try and put the question in your own words.
11. Don’t leave anything blank. If you’re running out of time, still make an effort to put something on the blanks.
12. Write neatly. Don’t have too many erasures because it could be misread wrongly even if your answer is correct.

Tips On Taking Exam For Applicants

By following these test taking strategies, you’re sure to ace the next exam.

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