Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for a Job Interview

Finally, after weeks of grueling wait, one of the companies that you are applying for called you up and scheduled you for a job interview. A job interview means that the company feels that you are qualified for the position and wants see you face-to-face and talk to you so that they can know if you have the right attitude for the work. A job interview is also an opportunity for you to market your skills and work experiences.

In preparing for a job interview, remember that you have to highlight your strong points. You need to have clear relevant information about yourself that you think will prove that you deserve to get the position you are eyeing for.

In order for you to do this, you have to know something about the company and the nature of the work that you are applying for. Go to the company’s web site or ask around for people who know about the company. Read the qualifications in the job advertisement again and think of those times when you showed that you have those qualifications.

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If one of the qualifications for example is communication skill, think of specific instances when you have demonstrated this skill. List other strong points that you feel the employer needs to know about you so that you will not take long to think during your job interview.

Preparing for a job interview also involves practicing what you will say and how you will talk to the interviewer. You can look in the mirror and pretend that you are in front of the interviewer. This is a very effective way to lessen your stuttering and to improve the way you speak with people.

Sleep early the night before the interview because you can think more clearly when your mind is given time to rest.

During the day of the interview, go to the vicinity of the office early so that if ever you get lost or can’t find the office, you still have a lot of time to look for it.

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Always tell yourself that you will not be called for a job interview if the employer does not think that you have something that the other applicants don’t have. Preparing for a job interview is also about mind setting. When you know that you deserve to get the position, the confidence will come out during the job interview.

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