What are the Common Mistakes Applicants Do at a Job Interview

What are the Common Mistakes Applicants Do at a Job Interview

Why aren’t you hired? You did everything right, didn’t you? You dressed appropriately and was there early. You handed in your resume in a brown envelope. You even answered their every question. So what’s wrong?

Well, you might not be aware of it but you might have did something to get on the employer’s bad side. So what are those things that ticks them off? Here’s a list of the common mistakes applicants do at a job interview. Evaluate your performance and try to remember if you made one of these.

1. You didn’t greet – Manners are important. No matter how qualified you are for the job, having no manners might cost you. Even if the first person you meet in the office isn’t the HR head; even if they’re just the receptionist, always greet. “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” will make the most difference. A lot of applicants actually just enter the room, sit down and answer questions without so much as a “Thank you” when asked to be seated. You might think that these are insignifant but office people are very observant.

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2. You didn’t retain eye contact – When someone talks to you, doesn’t it feel rude when they don’t have eye contact? Usually, because of nervousness, applicants tend to look at all directions while they speak. It’s okay to look away a few times but some don’t actually look at the interviewer. Just because they don’t say it outloud, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make an effort. Don’t think too much. An interview is where you answer using your own knowledge and experiences.

3. You didn’t fix your hair – Many applicants think that appearance during an interview is limited to the clothing they have on. Unfortunately, it also includes the hair. Looking presentable by dressing well is cool but aside from that, it’s important for the interviewers to see your face. Right now, girls and even boys have bangs but not all of them fix it. These fall unto their face covering the eyes. Another case is with guys with long hair. Instead of tying it, they let is loose making them look unprepared. Remember, looking clean is a sign of being prepared.

4. You didn’t pick the appropriate shoes – Just like fixing your hair and wearing corporate attire are plus points, wearing the right shoes will also help. Nowadays, a lot of applicants fail at this. They may be wearing business-casual attire but they often forget to wear the appropriate footwear. In fact, many employers experience having applicants who wear slippers and step-in shoes during the interview. Although they’ll be looking at your face the whole time, this can be a major source of bad first impressions. This can be considered as a rude gesture. If you’re unsure, stick to closed or leather shoes.

5. You didn’t answer back – It’s natural for you to be nervous but it’s not right for you to pause too much during an interview. Interviewers can handle the “umm..” or the “ahhs” but when it comes to that awkward silence that happens when applicants don’t know how to answer, they won’t be too pleased. Instead of answering back immediately, this action shows that the person is not thinking fast enough. If you’re having a hard time answering questions, you can always say “Let me think about the answer to that question” or “Can you repeat the question, ma’am/sir”. This will give you enough time to think of what to say.

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Remember, the tiniest details can get you far. These common errors are not exactly big but they can do a lot for your application. Being in a job interview requires great effort. You should always be alert in this kind of situation.

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