Job Hunting Tip: Prioritize Opportunities

Job Hunting Tip:  Prioritize Opportunities

It can be very hard to find work these days.Times are hard, prices of basic commodities and services are going up. The least that we need is being unemployed. I know from experience how it can be very frustrating to look and find work much less find work that you love.

One job hunting tip that I suggest is to streamline your choice of work to apply for.

Are you like most of the fresh graduates who print out 20 copies of their resume and go building-hopping in Ayala? You think that you will have a better chance of getting work this way but this is actually one reason why many fresh graduates don’t get accepted in any of the jobs they applied for.

You have to take a look at your skills and your interests and choose only the work and the companies that you feel can utilize best your skills.

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You have to spend time studying the positions and qualifications set by the employers.

Also, you have to spend time knowing yourself better – what things you did in high school or college that really made you happy and that you really enjoyed doing, what are the curricular subjects in college or high school that you are really interested in.

Sometimes employers are looking for applicants with specific degrees. Some positions require that applicants have a degree in Accountancy, for example. There are positions that advertise degree requirement but the position doesn’t necessarily need it.

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As long as you feel you like the position and you feel that your skills and achievements have to do with the position, then this is the instance where you send your resume.

Don’t just submit your resume like you are distributing leaflets. You’re just wasting time. You’ll have a better chance at getting accepted if you choose only those job vacancies that you think can use your skills, education and you think you’ll enjoy.

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