Job Tips – 3 tips on overcoming that interview

Job Tips - 3 tips on overcoming that interview

You’re a fresh college graduate, up and ready for what the corporate world has to offer you. You’ve prepared a pretty nifty resume – not too long, not too short, just the correct and basic information – and have sent it over to your prospective employers. You do get invited for interviews, but – it’s just that. You just can’t seem to get past the interview stage.

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Don’t worry. It’s a normal and common problem encountered by most job hunters. You do need to step up your game, to get into the game (if that makes any sense at all, the second “game” would mean “work”). To help you out with your situation, here a few job interview tips that you may want to consider:

Research or Regret

A common question asked in interviews is “What do you know about our company?”. If you can’t answer that question, or at least give a clear explanation, you might as well walk out of the door. Knowing some basic information on the company you’re applying for will not only help you have a clear career path, it’ll give the impression that you’re genuinely interested in investing your time and skills for your employer. Always check your employer’s website to get your facts straight. If needed, don’t be shy contacting your employer beforehand. It won’t hurt to get information (as well know some of your job responsibilities) straight from the source.

3 tips on overcoming that interview

Practice or Freeze Up

We’re all confident when we’re with a friend. We tend to be at our best, our most confident selves when talking to one. So it’ll be a good idea to practice a mock interview with your friend, just to get the feel and flow of an actual interview. Try to conceptualize and act out different scenarios and questions. This way, you’ll be ready for almost any question thrown at you during your actual employer interview.

Double Check

Before heading out for your interview, make sure you have all of your tools ready. When we say tools, we mean pen, paper, additional copies of your resume and other documents. Have them ready and accessible in a visible sight. That way, you’d be sure not to forget anything before heading out of the door.

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An interview is a crucial step or hurdle you need to overcome before actually landing a job. Remember to stay calm and relaxed. Bring your most confident smile and win that position you’ve always yearned for. Good luck on landing a job!

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