Physical Pinoy! – Unconventional Exercise Tips for Filipino Workers

Physical Pinoy! – Unconventional Exercise Tips for Filipino Workers

Let’s get physical! That’s all what we want to say. But ask any typical Filipino worker, busy just getting to work; exercise is more of a convenience than a necessity. But don’t worry – you can still be fit and ready even by heading off to work! How? Check out these simple and easy workout tips that you can virtually do anywhere:

Pull-up Sabit (jeepneys, MRT/LRT)

If you constantly ride the jeep to work, then more or less, you’ have experienced being the sabit, or the person dangling off the door. This happens a lot when the jeep has a lot of passengers. Take advantage of this time by doing pull-ups. Making use of the metal bar in the jeep can help you build up upper body strength, needed to shape and tone your chest. It’s fast and free, and can even be done in the MRT or LRT rails! Just make sure to have a good grip on the bar – you’d want to avoid being road pizza!

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Curbside Marathon

If you work in Makati, then you know how walking in the sidewalks and underpasses can be a marathon. Now that’s the way you should see things! Take brisk walks, safely overtaking other office walkers to work. This will help you build up endurance, allowing you to gain the strength needed to get by a day. Make sure though you’re not stepping on anyone’s foot – you don’t want to get into an early morning fight!

Water Break Lifts

When having your water refilled, always offer yourself to lift the refillable water case. You’re not only giving your office a favor – yey, someone carrying the water for us – you’ll build up strength as well! Lifting gallons isn’t no easy feat, but it’ll provide a total workout experience. Flex up your biceps with this routine! And make sure to gulp some water when you’re tired!

Being in shape doesn’t mean you need to be in a gym. Heck, you can do it going to work. Take note of these routines to get the most out of your workout. Pull-ups can be done via public transportation, just make sure you’re keeping a good grip. You can have your personal daily marathons, right at the obstacle course like city sidewalks. And lifting water for your office not only provides a good workout, it’ll help keep your office free from thirst. And keep it safe, and stay healthy!

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