Are Dress Codes in Workplace Important?

Are dress codes in workplace important?

Are dress codes important? Okay, that shouldn’t even be a question. But it is, because there are people who argue about the importance of a dress code in a workplace.

First of all, let’s talk about why dress codes are even implemented. Employees, especially those who are fresh graduates and still have the college-freedom-of-expression in their veins would dress however they want. Having a dress code helps them to learn to calm down when it comes to their kind of fashion, and keep them under control. And over time, they learn to adapt to the adult world they are now a part of.

Don’t think that dress codes are implemented to deny you of your freedom to express yourself. Everything has a reason. And having a dress code is implemented for the sake of your colleagues, clients, and other people. When they see you dressing appropriately for office, you will earn their respect. Plus, it also avoids distraction in the office that would otherwise ensue if, for example, someone comes to work looking like a Japanese school girl.

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If you’re wondering what kinds of clothes would be considered unfit to wear in the office, below are some of the obvious no-no. Keep in mind that the prohibition is not limited to these pieces of clothing, instead these are just the most common. It still depends on the company’s rules and regulations to set up what they would allow and not allow wearing.

  • Wearing tops and torn jeans
  • Clothing which has an abusive and foul language
  • Caps or hats
  • Tank tops, halter tops or muscle shirts
  • Wearing sweat suits or sweaty pants

I hope I was able to shed some light to you by stating the things above. I’m not here to lecture or pull you over to the dark side because a) there’s no dark side when it comes to following dress codes and b) once you work for a company there really isn’t much of a choice but to follow the guidelines if you want to grow as an individual and act like an adult.

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