Fire an Employee the Right Way

Fire an Employee the Right Way

If you have an employee who seem to be really slacking at work and is not performing his responsibilities well, it’s quite natural for you as the employer to terminate him as this may be best for the company’s welfare. Firing an employee, no matter how bad he may have been is really hard. That’s why it is necessary for you to know how to do it properly. You have to see to it that you fire him in the most humanely way as possible. That sure is gonna be hard but breathe well because you’ll be able to do that just by doing these five tips.

There are people who love surprises but being terminated from work is definitely not one of those good times to do it. The best thing that you could do is to warn your employee first if ever you think that they are not meeting the standards of the company anymore and that it may result to his employment to be terminated. Give him about a month to improve and observe him during that time. If he still fails to improve, then that’s the time that you could fire him from work.

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It is necessary for you to state the reason why you are firing him. Your reason has to be really valid and not just because you don’t feel like working with him. You should be able to provide concrete data that would back up your claims for firing him. Keep in mind that when you have enough evidences to prove that his performance at work is being done poorly, he will have no more reason to retort anymore.

Keep in mind that your employee is still human and has feelings that would surely get hurt by him being terminated from work. That’s why try to fire him in private instead of announcing it in the office where everyone could see. Avoid adding insult to the injury by looking doing it in a place with a door, like the conference room or your office.

It is best if you would fire him when you have someone who will accompany you. This is done so that you will have a witness in case the employee violently reacts or retaliates because of him being fired.

Even though, you don’t want to hurt him as much as possible, you should know that firing him is inevitable. So, enough with the sugarcoating. Refrain from talking too much and just be straight to the point. Also, do not try to prolong his agony with your words. Always remember to be firm on your decision and after you told him about the termination, finish the conversation immediately.

Fire an employee if you see it necessary or as the last resort. However, you need to make sure that you tell him your plan of terminating him so he won’t be caught off guard. It would also be better if you would provide him with good reasons as to why you’re doing that and see to it that you do it in private. Try to have someone with you when you terminate an employee and always try to make it a short one. Follow these five simple tips the next time a slacking employee needs to be axed and you’ll be able to fire him without too much of a guilt.

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