What Fresh Graduates Should Know About Employers

What Fresh Graduates Should Know About Employers

How Employers Choose Over Multiple Applicants

If you think that employers are picky when they evaluate applicants, think again. As you can see, being a recruitment officer in a company is hard. Just think, dozens of hopefuls stand in line outside their office just to get the chance to get a job.

More often than not, employers have a certain criteria to choose between job seekers, assuming that they have similar qualifications. They use this just in case they don’t see anyone who stands out. This, however, does not mean that there are no promising candidates from the set of applicants waiting to be interviewed. This is just their way of picking out the best.

Cover Letters -The First Test

Sure, resumes are very essential when applying for a job but Filipino applicants tend to forget the cover letter. This very document is also important because of the fact that this is the first thing HR officers look for when reviewing an application. Through a cover letter, they will see if the job seeker is serious and determined. Passing a resume without a cover letter is a sign that you’re lazy.

Education – Very Important In The Employment World

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you need to go to school? Some people don’t realize that education can help raise your chances of getting a great job in the future. Most companies require a good education as an important prerequisite but don’t really look for honor students or a copy of your grades. This is because, completing a four year course is your training for the real world. For those who are skeptic about this, chances are you won’t realize how important education is until you’re set out in the employment world looking for a job.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

You’ve often heard it before that grades don’t really matter. Because majority of Filipinos get to go to school, the ‘education qualification’ is quite easy to pass. However, this isn’t the same for experience. Employers like to assume that the more activities you’ve participated in, you’ll be able to develop:

  • interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • time management
  • being versatile
  • training with regards to your field
  • …and many others.

Extra Skills – Earn Extra Points

Let’s not rule out the fact that you may have extra talents. There are certain skills that can be used in various fields. If you have some extra knowledge in computers such as Photoshop, Flash programs and many others, or even know more than 2 languages, then this can be an asset to the company you’re applying for. Take these seriously, even though these might not be related to your chosen area of specialization. It can get you far.

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That Iron Clad Determination and Dedication

Setting aside all the bullet points in your resume, employers like to see a person who has something to contribute to the company; someone who is open to learning new things and who is willing to go that extra mile just to help the company reach their goals. This is definitely someone worth hiring. You can show this from the minute you pass your application to the time when you finish your job interview.

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