Tips to be successful in your job applications

Tips to be successful in your job applications

Sooner or later, you’d be faced with the daunting task of finding a job. It’s a common truth – job applications can be a hassle. You’d have to send out resumes, take certain tests, and pass a few interviews here and there. But with all the competition in the market nowadays, how will you be able to set yourself apart from other candidates?

First impressions are always important. The way you look is very much important even if you’re just submitting an application. Every time you make contact with an employer, dress as though you are ready to work. Who knows? Maybe that employer may just have a job that needs to be filled out immediately and will interview you as soon as he/she sees you.

Remember to bring a pen and a backup one (just in case the other one runs out of ink. I’m serious. Things tend to break down just when you need them the most). It does not at all create a business-like impression when you are in need to borrow your employer’s pen. Besides, isn’t that awkward? It’s like… ‘So… can I like borrow your pen for awhile because I don’t have one’? Avoid this mistake!

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Next, fill out your application from as neatly as you could and in print. Avoid scribbling just like when you’re taking notes. Before filling up the application form, it would be wise to read the entire application form first. Complete the application properly, because the employers review the information on job application when deciding who to schedule for job interviews. Avoid erasures or anything that would make your application form messy.

Next, of course it’s impossible to really know what types of tests the employers’ will conduct. But most likely, it’ll include aptitude exams, psychological exams, and the like.

If you happen to stumble on a company that has a practical exam (e.g. a work in sales), do your best in acing it.

If you passed the exams, don’t breathe just yet. The hardest part isn’t over. When you’re invited for an interview, make sure you’re on time and wearing business clothes.

If your interview is some time after lunch, avoid eating ‘pica-pica’ or finger foods. Chances are, you might unknowingly get it on your clothes especially if there’s cheese involved. If you really cannot help but eat finger foods, then try your best to not get any on your clothes.

During the interview, make sure you talk smart and be aware of your gestures. Trust me; the employer will know if you are nervous by just looking at your gestures. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that the exams are the hardest part of getting a job, which is not at all true because they interview is really the make or break part of you landing a job. Even if you scored high on the exams but showed no promise during the interview, most likely the employer will not hire you. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. But make sure they are logical and is not a by-product of a lack of common sense or whatever. Asking questions will actually show your employers that you are interested and will be willing to learn more about the company.

Finding work is really hard nowadays, so try grabbing as many opportunities as you could. It’s very hard not only due to the competitiveness of the market itself, but also because job opportunities are very limited. Chances are there are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of you applying for the same job. But just always remember
to do your best and keep being positive about everything.

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