Sample Resumes for Students

How to Write Great Student Resumes Easily

Sample Resumes for Students

Are you in search of sample resumes for students because you have no idea how to go about writing a resume? Then, reading this article will help you a lot. Resume writing is a very important process when applying for internships or part-time jobs. Since most college students have little or no past work experience, a different focus is needed.

If you are the kind of student who is active in school organizations or community groups, then you will be happy to know that your experiences here will go a long way in getting you accepted in your job. This is especially true if the organizations you participate in are related to the position or company you are applying for.

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Having been an officer in one or more of these organizations is also a plus, since it shows that you have leadership skills, and that you are a responsible and trustworthy person. When you are called for a job interview, you can take the opportunity to share a story or two about your experiences in these organizations to your interviewer.

The Lazy Student’s Way to Writing Excellent Resumes

The format for a student resume basically goes as follows:

• Basic personal information (full name, age, e-mail, birth date… see sample resumes to see how it should be laid out on the page)
• Job objective (thesis statement of what position and company are you applying for and why… 1 sentence only)
• Summary of your best skills (related to your job)
• Educational background (list everything in chronological order)
• Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities (list in chronological order as well)
• Past work experience (if applicable)
• References (not from one of your parents or relatives)

In order to see how this will all look in actuality, feel free to browse the web for sample resumes for students.

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