Jobs For 15 Year Olds

Jobs For 15 Year Olds

Paper Route – There are plenty of easy jobs for 15 year olds out there. If you’re interested to find a job for the weekends of for summers, check your state laws on teen employment first. Then search local listings for specific jobs that appeal to you.

Paper and magazine delivery is not a bad job choice. Check a good and trustworthy paper and magazine distributor around your area and apply as a delivery boy. They often hire teenagers for these jobs because it’s very easy and can potentially fun.

Delivery areas of local newsstands are relatively small so it won’t be a very hard job. Covering a few blocks of residential area should be enough for a day’s work.

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Paperboy job is not exactly a high paying job, but still it can still give you a few extra dollars to extend your allowance. And this would just be a temporary job so there’s really no need to demand for a high pay. Earning big money is not the real focus of teenage jobs, especially if you’re just fifteen. Jobs for fifteen year olds mostly give you the work experience that you need for your future. Summer jobs also help in developing your sense of responsibility which can be crucial for your future job-hunting.

Local Convenience Store/Fast Food Joint – Fifteen year olds who are looking for jobs can always try applying at small businesses around their area. Convenience stores and food joints usually offers jobs for 15 year olds that are not really hard.

Local convenience stores hire teenagers as baggers. Organizing items on the shelves is also another job option at local convenience stores. Though most convenience stores usually hire people for all-around jobs, so if you’re planning to apply for a job in a convenience store, expect to do an assortment of jobs including bagging goods, arranging shelves or cleaning the store.

For local food stores, they usually hire teenagers to do their food deliveries. Local food stores usually serve a small area around a certain neighborhood and food delivery is not that hard to do. Delivery places are usually walking distance from the store itself so it’s really not that difficult.

Working for convenience stores or fast food joints can help you earn not just extra cash, but also a great deal of work experience that can help you in the future if you try to apply to other jobs.

Amusement Park Helper – Turning 15 years old is great time for your life because you can start exploring options to earn money. Looking for jobs for 15 year olds may seem difficult at first but the truth is, it’s not that really hard to find a good job for 15 year olds.

Amusement parks and theme parks usually hire fifteen year olds for some easy jobs. Amusement parks usually need people to run their facilities and activities. Fifteen year old teenagers will learn the value of responsibility with these jobs because most of the tasks here entail high responsibilities.

Aside from the decent summer cash a teen will be earning, he or she will also learn the value of responsibility in the workplace which is crucial for future jobs. Fifteen year old teens should not bum around during summer because they can always apply for summer jobs where they earn some extra allowance and at the same time learn the ropes of certain jobs.

Advertising/Marketing Assistant – Jobs for fifteen year olds shouldn’t be complicated at all. Jobs for teenagers should serve as a training ground where they can learn the basics of jobs and eventually use the knowledge gained in the future.

If you’re a teenager who is very much interested about advertising and marketing, you can start your advertising career as early as now. Check your local listing for jobs connected with advertising and marketing.

Small advertising companies usually hire teenagers for flyers and brochures distributions. Working for these companies is a good start for you. As a teen, you may be tasked to do easier jobs like delivering mails or distributing flyers and brochures in a certain area. This is definitely a great experience for you especially if you are planning to explore a career in advertising and marketing in the future.

Before applying for any job, you have to first check the laws in your state regarding teen employments. If everything’s okay, apply to the companies that suit you and work as much as you can.

Working in a advertising company for the while summer vacation will give you not just extra cash but also a great deal of work experience.

Neighborhood Jobs – Jobs for 15 year olds are just around the corner, just check around your local area for any job openings. Residential areas are usually in need of people who can do all-around work and they don’t really mind of a teenager will do the job.

Walking the neighbor’s dog or clipping grass are the usual jobs available around the residential areas, but you might want to look for other interesting jobs.

Putting up fences, or house painting are enjoyable jobs too. Simple gardening and landscaping are other options to look into if you want to earn extra cash during summers.

For 15 year old girls, baby-sitting and running errands are among your choices for summer jobs.

The pay will vary depending on the household you are working for, but keep in mind that it’s just a temporary summer job. The small amount of cash is nothing compared to the experience you are getting from these jobs. Work experience is a great factor if you are going to apply for jobs in the future.

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